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Milk jars are scented soy candles with natural wood wicks. Clean burning, the way it should be.

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Everything nice

That’s what Harvest is made of


Creating a feeling of dreamy comfort

Soy candles with natural wood wicks

Clean burning. The way it should be.


Our purpose

Milk Jar is a soy candle company in Calgary, Alberta that began in November 2016. Our founder, holly, grew up in the serene and dreamy Canadian west coast, which greatly influence the design and creation of each product. Great care is taken in developing signature scents and hand pouring each and every candle. Our passion is in our product, but our vision is in our community. The driving force behind the creation of Milk Jar Candle Company was to give back to a community that holds a special place in Milk Jar's heart.

$1 from the sale of every scented soy candle is donated to special needs programs for youth in Calgary, AB. To find out more about the organization that receives current donations, please visit our featured not for profit page.


Our Candles

It's pretty simple. A beautifully scented soy candle with a natural wood wick; free of paraffin wax, palm wax, and dyes. No lid to throw away and a jar that can be re-purposed or reused. It's nothing crazy, just clean burning. The way it should be.

With a unique crackling wood wick and minimalist design, Milk Jar focuses on simplicity and appealing to all ages and genders, with a wide range of scents to suit the sweet, subtle, fresh, and earthy.

All Milk Jar candles are hand poured in small batches using clean burning soy wax and natural wood wicks. We have two lines of candles, one scented with phthalate free fragrance oils, and another scented with plant-derived essential oils.

simple, yet lush

Our Local Return Program

A luxury item should not create luxury waste

Here at Milk Jar Candle Co., we love our beautiful planet and are dedicated to finding new ways to reduce our waste and environmental foot print.

One of the ways we do this is through our local Milk Jar Return Program. You can return your used Milk Jars to be re-purposed into new ones for the next candle lover to enjoy.


When returning your finished Milk Jar, just drop it off as-is. If there’s a little bit of wax left that’s fine, we do all the work to get them ready to become new Milk Jar candles. We also add a sticker on the bottom of the re used glass showing how many times that jar has been a candle.Where to drop off your Milk Jar:

The following stores accept your used Milk Jars:

Ninth & Brick (Inglewood, Calgary)

Meraki Supply Co. (Kensington, Calgary)

27 Boutique (17th Ave, Calgary)

Cinder and Sage Loft (Mission, Calgary)

Riverside Spa (Parkdale, Calgary)

Yoga mcc (Marda Loop, CAlgary)

Mandy’s Fashions (Rimbey, ALberta)

L.A. Design Center (Lacombe, Alberta)

Red ribbon boutique (Edmonton, alberta)

Leis de buds (Vancouver, BC)

Amelia Lee Boutique (Victoria, BC)

Bridge Apparel (Sioux Narrows, ON)

We have currently re-used over 540 jars, but we can get that number much higher! We need YOUR help to see all of these jars continue to come back and light up new homes.

If you do not see a retailer near you that collects used Milk jars, we encourage you to re purpose your glass yourself! Put it in the freezer to pop out the bottom, or place it in boiling water to melt out the remaining wax and wick clip and dispose. Wash it out with hot soapy water and use the glass for whatever your heart delights!

Coziness, hominess, kosleig, hygge.. soy candles create an experience and an atmosphere.

Let your Milk Jar candles be a feeling of warmth, intimacy and getting together.