Giving Back: Meet Our 2019 Donation Partner

Milk Jar is proud to announce our 2019 donation partner: Pacekids Programs. I want to take today to introduce you to this wonderful organization and tell you about why Milk Jar is so passionate about the special needs community.

Milk Jar’s Commitment to Helping youth with Special Needs

Upon moving to Calgary, my initial dream was to be an Occupational Therapist working with special needs children.

I’ve always had a love for children, and it’s my mission to make kids feel confident and secure. When I was in high school, I was a camp counselor, and I loved being able to be a role model and make kids feel included and confident. I was quite shy growing up (I know, hard to believe) and I knew what it felt like to be a wallflower and struggle to make connections with others. My mother was even worried I didn’t have a lot of friends as a kiddo so she went as far as to sign me up for a pen pal program! Friendships and connections mean so much to me that I can proudly say I am still quite close with one of my pen pals from England, and met her in person three years ago at her wedding!

While I was studying Kinesiology at U of C, I had a practicum that included pool-therapy for three months with a young teen named Frazer.

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Spending those three months with Frazer solidified my need to want to pursue helping the special needs community. After my three-month practicum was over, Frazer’s mom asked if I wanted to continue supporting and hanging out with Frazer. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to keep spending time with him, and here we are eight years later!

When I started Milk Jar, I knew I needed a way to feel connected to the special needs community and I wanted to be able to give back on a larger scale. This is where my idea was born to donate a portion of candle sales right back to the community I love so much.

Who is Pacekids?

This year Milk Jar is supporting Pacekids Programs. Pacekids offers a state-of-the-art educational facility to help special needs children with any development needs they may have. I got to tour their facility and see everything firsthand, and I felt incredibly confident that every dollar Milk Jar donated would be put to good use.

Pacekids’ educational facility has been thoroughly thought-out and includes a custom gym so each child can enjoy physical activity and a sensory room to aid in calmness and mental stimulation.

Even the bathrooms are specially tailored, ensuring that each child is comfortable and confident no matter what area of the facility they are spending their time in.

One aspect of Pacekids that I found incredible was how all children have a teacher and a team of specialized therapists to ensure every one of them has the best treatment possible.

To provide such a high level of care, Pacekids needs roughly $1,000 per child. Milk Jar wants to help Pacekids continue to provide exceptional care for these children.

What Will Be Donated?

Milk Jar will be donating $1 from every candle which also includes all wholesale orders. To kick off our initiative, we will be selling our limited edition Cinnamon Hearts candle in collaboration with #YYCHeartsKids, where $10 from each candle sold will be donated to Pacekids!

Organizations Milk Jar Has Donated to in the Past

Over the last couple years, Milk Jar has been fortunate to have the ability to donate to some incredible programs in Calgary.

Milk Jar’s first ever donation was to the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS Calgary), an organization that helps the disabled ski and snowboard through adaptive equipment and training.

Milk Jar has also partnered with Lululemon for our “Breath It All In” candle where we were able to support The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Center (now known as the Calgary Child Advocacy Center).

And lastly, Milk Jar’s 2018 donor partner was Between Friends where we were able to donate $8,336 all thanks to the support from our customers!


Where to Buy Milk Jar Candles to Support Pace Kids

If you’d like to help support Pace Kids through Milk Jar, you can shop our online store or find a store that sells our candles near you. For every candle you buy, Milk Jar will donate $1 to Pacekids.

If you are in Calgary, the following stores have a large selection of our candles:

·         The Nook in the Calgary Farmers Market

·         The Greenhouse in Market Mall

·         Meraki Supply Co

Milk Jar appreciates every single one of our customers who makes our donations possible!