Collaborate with Milk Jar: A Guide To Our Custom Candles

 “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use it, the more you have.” Maya Angelou

    Creating custom candles has turned out to be one of my favourite surprises that have come out of starting this little candle Co. Surprises come in all shapes and sizes when starting a business and not all of them are perfect circles. Some are like a nightmare of Tetris and all your pieces are parallelograms and stars. For example, last week our wax melter, who we’ve named Steve, called it quits which resulted in us having to throw it back to the early days of stove top wax melting. Important public service announcement: melting wax over an open flame will likely result in a wild grease fire and incontinence. It’s fine... I didn’t like those pants anyway. We managed to complete all our orders without injury or property damage and I am happy to report that Steve is back in action! You can always learn something from those unwanted surprises and this fiasco forced us to finally pull the trigger on getting a second wax melter, a bigger and more beautiful one I might add! We will call her Wanda.

You never forget your first:

    In December 2016, Lululemon Calgary inquired about a custom candle for their holiday theme “The Air Out There”. It was our first custom collaboration and it came about within a month of launching Milk Jar. I loved teaming up with the Lulu staff at their community hub on fourth street and from that first experience, our customs have grown to well over fifty new relationships with our community. This journey has helped me discover my own creative treasures and I look forward to helping others showcase their brand or personal style.

HENRY by  Deserae Evanson.

and the oscar goes to:

Designing a custom candle that fits a unique taste is a service that we are thrilled to offer. From restaurants to beauty salons, athletic studios to special events, the sky’s the limit for a custom Milk Jar candle. One of my most loved collaborations was with world-renowned Calgary restaurant, Ten Foot Henry. We worked together to create a candle that reflected Ten Foot Henry’s bright and playful atmosphere and garden-inspired dishes. The ‘Henry’ Milk Jar is a vibrant blend of juicy melon and fresh cucumber with a touch of honey to showcase their Little Henry café, which is where you can find this beautiful candle.

say no more, Where do I sign up?

We offer two options for creating your custom candle. The first is an effortless process allowing you to select from a catalogue of scents and label designs that will include your text of choice or logo. The second option is a collaborative process where we work together to design a new scent and label just for you. By having these two services, our goal is to make a custom Milk Jar available to all.

Option one: effortless Custom

Dana and Sean’s wedding in Grasse, France. Photo by  Gaetan Gaumy .

Dana and Sean’s wedding in Grasse, France. Photo by Gaetan Gaumy.


Choose from 6 heavenly scents and beautiful label designs showcasing your text to represent the couple, bridal party, or a thank you.

Great for wedding favours, bridal party gifts, and/or table decor. No Minimum order required.

Three of our Effortless Custom candles for  Jardines  at Sun Peaks,  Charles Real Estate  &  Rebecca Frank Photography . Photo by  Carefree Photo .

Three of our Effortless Custom candles for Jardines at Sun Peaks, Charles Real Estate & Rebecca Frank Photography. Photo by Carefree Photo.


Choose from 6 of our most preferred scents and sophisticated label designs with your logo or brand front and center.

This is great for a business wanting something that looks unique to their company but with a faster service than our Collaborative Custom. Great for client gifts, events, and resale. No minimum order required.  

Three of our Collaborative Custom candles we created with  Ten Foot Henry ,  Local Laundry  &  Four20 . Photo by  Carefree Photo .

Three of our Collaborative Custom candles we created with Ten Foot Henry, Local Laundry & Four20. Photo by Carefree Photo.

Option two: Collaborative Custom


Be a part of the creative process from start to finish. We work with you to develop a new scent and customized label that suits your brand. This custom is great for a business wanting a completely unique candle in its design and fragrance. Great for client gifts, events, and resale.

There is a scent development fee associated with this option and lead times are 4-8 weeks. Minimum order 50.

When I ask our customers what they enjoy most about Milk Jar, one feature keeps coming up; the constant newness from all our custom partnerships. Custom Milk Jars can be a unique marketing tool to advertise your business, a handcrafted gift or a beautiful reminder of a special event.  Whether you choose from our existing catalogue of labels and scents or involve yourself in the creative process, we promise the result will be #LIT.

Written by Holly

For all custom inquiries, please email